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Continuing our mission to only provide our clients with the best technology, DSC-IT has partnered with AvePoint, the established leader in enterprise-class management, governance, and compliance software solutions for social collaboration platforms.

AvePoint solutions, available from DSC-IT, include innovative software services that increase business productivity, reduce total cost of ownership, provides IT assurance, and enables security and compliance for enterprise content.

If you are based in Perth or surrounding areas, you will benefit from AvePoint’s award-winning solutions.

SharePoint Infrastructure Management

DocAve Software Platform enables IT and SharePoint managers to:

  • Protect all critical SharePoint assets from network failure, non-compliant content, and accidental deletion with best-in-class backup and restore capabilities
  • Seamlessly migrate SharePoint content, permissions, and configurations to SharePoint 2013 or 2010 – on-premises or Office 365 editions
  • Streamline the implementation and enforcement of access, provisioning, and lifecycle management policies with unified management and control over SharePoint content, customisations, users, security, and sites
  • Integrate SharePoint environments with existing network or cloud file-based content or other SharePoint farms to consolidate access without migration
  • Deliver high-performance global collaboration while lowering SharePoint total cost of ownership (TCO) with efficient Microsoft® SQL Server® storage and content lifecycle management
  • Single pane access to a wide variety of mission-critical content, data, and trending statistics to generate customisable reports and alerts based on growth, performance, usage or legal eDiscovery requests for proactive decision making

DocAve Online allows IT and SharePoint managers to maintain the same level of protection and control over their Office 365 deployments they experience with on-premises solutions.

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SharePoint Governance

DocAve Governance Automation helps IT management deliver effective, true governance for SharePoint. Governance Automation provides end users with a business-centric, role-based service catalogue for provisioning, moving, or restructuring content, as well as lifecycle and permissions management requests. By providing end users with an intuitive service catalogue – containing all available resources - Governance Automation resolves ambiguity around requesting resources from IT and encourages SharePoint adoption throughout its full lifecycle.


AvePoint Compliance Guardian is designed to ensure that information is available and accessible to the people who should have it and protected from the people who should not. Compliance Guardian helps organisations proactively protect IT environments including SharePoint, Yammer, Office365, file shares and websites from harmful information leaks, contamination, or misuse. Compliance Guardian bridges the gap between compliance officers, IT, and the business and helps ensure all activities and information are compliant, accessible, and manageable.

AvePoint serves more than 13,000 organisations in five continents across all industry sectors with focused practices in the energy and utilities; financial services; healthcare and pharmaceuticals; and public sector industries.