Veeam integration with EMC snapshots

Backup from Storage Snapshots and Veeam Explorer for Storage Snapshots with EMC VNX and VNXe hybrid storage arrays.
Veeam and EMC combine to deliver Availability for the Modern Data Center. Get lower RPOs and lower RTOs with Veeam Backup from Storage Snapshots and Veeam ExplorerTM for Storage Snapshots – now integrated with EMC VNX and VNXe hybrid storage arrays.

Veeam and EMC together provide the following benefits:

  • Minimize impact on production VMs
  • Rapidly create backups from EMC VNX or VNXe storage snapshots up to 20 times faster than the competition
  • Easily recover individual items in two minutes or less, without staging or intermediate steps

Fast, secure cloud-based disaster recovery

Veeam Cloud Connect—Now with replication
Ensure availability of your mission-critical applications without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining a disaster recovery (DR) site. Veeam Cloud Connect—now with VM replication provides fully integrated, fast and secure cloud-based DR through a service provider.

Advanced image-based VM replication through Veeam Cloud Connect is simple to set-up and easy-to-use. It includes:

  • A cloud host for DR with CPU, RAM, storage and networking resource allocation from a service provider
  • Full site failover to a remote DR site from anywhere with just a few clicks through a secure web portal, and partial site failover to instantly switch over to selected VM replicas only.
  • Single port connectivity via a secure, reliable SSL/TLS connection to a service provider with traffic encryption — and much MORE!

Fast, low-impact backups with EMC, NetApp, HP – and others!

Primary Storage Integration
Get fast, low-impact backups and more ways to leverage your storage investments with new primary storage integration with EMC, NetApp, HP – and others! NEW Veeam Availability Suite v9 delivers these capabilities with the following new features:

Direct NFS Access: Perform VMware backups faster and with reduced impact on your virtual environment by backing up directly from file-based (NFS) primary storage using Veeam’s proprietary NFS client.

On-Demand Sandbox™ for Storage Snapshots: Use storage snapshots to create complete isolated copies of your production environment in just a few clicks, for fast and easy testing and troubleshooting – available with VMware vSphere and HP, NetApp, and EMC storage.

Backup from NetApp SnapMirror and SnapVault: Completely eliminate the additional impact from backup activities on your production storage by retrieving VM data from SnapMirror or SnapVault secondary storage systems, instead of from the primary storage system.