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“Cloud” is not just another tech buzzword, but may just be one of the most important sets of technologies your business can adopt as you change to meet the demands of the ever-growing digital world.

Not only do cloud services they help you to operate your business more efficiently, productively, and at a lower cost - It’s a secure way to ensure that your important business data is always safe and accessible from anywhere.

DSC-IT is Your Business Partner in Cloud Solutions


DSC-IT, our team is here to help your business with our full suite of cloud solutions and services. Our team can create a custom product to suit the needs of your business allowing you to do everything, including:

  • Migrating away from expensive on-premise systems
  • Digitally storing businesses documents & information
  • Enhancing communications with staffand customers
  • Increasing productivity
  • Reducing costs.

Whether you’re looking to just set up a basic Microsoft 365 solution, or needing a bespoke cloud service created and managed, we’ll work with you to deliver an end product that assists you in running your business.

Our Cloud Solutions are based on the current cloud provider offerings, such as Microsoft’s Office 365 and Azure platforms, as well as Amazon and Google.

We specialise in migration to, and management of these systems, which would include email, databases, document storage, document management, security, compliance and even extends to DR and backup solutions in the cloud.

Let DSC-IT Get You Started on Your Cloud Journey Today.

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The Benefits of Cloud Computing for Businesses

Are you on the fence about adopting a cloud-based solution for your business? For some, the idea of having your business files, communications, and data hosted by others may seem scary. However, with a team like DSC-IT assisting you, your data and cloud infrastructure can be as secure and safe as it would be on-premise.


Some of the many benefits of adopting a cloud-based solution include:

  • The ability for your team to work remotely - Many businesses are now adopting a flexible work from home/remote work lifestyle due to Covid-19 and many other reasons. Having your business systems and data easily, but securely accessible via the cloud means that your team has the flexibility to work collaboratively on projects together while being anywhere in the world.

  • Saves you Money - With the cloud, there is no need to maintain or pay for upgrades to your existing hardware. Not only do you save on the cost to upgrade your systems, but you can also save money on your energy bills. For growing businesses you can reinvest these savings by utilizing our managed IT services, and only paying for what solutions best suit your business needs

  • Scalability - With the cloud, you have the ability to scale your systems up or down based on what you need at that time. There’s no longer a need to keep adding more space to your existing storage hardware, or upgrading for a temporary increase in demand, whether seasonal or a one off. With the cloud you can easily reduce or increase the resources you need. So that you can get focus on running your business

  • Data Security - With your business running in the cloud, your IT security doesn’t have to suffer. You can ensure that your company data is safe, by implementing cloud-based services that will meet your businesses requirements. Whether it’s access via two factor authentication or implementation of our firewalls, you can take comfort in knowing that your most precious information is safe from hackers or system crashes.

What Makes DSC-IT the Right team For your Business?

  • Local Team: We’re a Perth based team that believes in keeping our services local. Because of this, we have developed a report with businesses from all across the region that has allowed us to develop a keen understanding of the IT needs, pains and pressures locally. Which has, in turn, allowed us to create solutions that are specific to this area’s businesses.
  • Holistic Approach: Our hands-on, communicative approach means we’re there every step of the way. We work closely with your team to ensure that you are informed and that all of your systems and processes are working in sync. Allowing your business and team to work seamlessly together to achieve your goals
  • Future thinking: As IT professionals, we can’t afford to be stuck in the past. Our team is always onthe front foot, educating ourselves and adopting the latest and greatesttechnologies to deliver to our clients.
  • We speak Human: We’re fluent in technical jargon, but we’ll always be able to explain our services andsolutions to you in a way that will make sense. We’ll always leave you feeling informed about our process, without scratching your head about what we’ve just said.

FAQ's about Cloud Services?

For some businesses, they may not have the budget or size to hire in-house IT resources.

That is where a managed IT provider comes in.

Managed IT is a service that is typically performed by a team of IT specialists separate to your business. The team will assist in set-up and provide on-going support to your business including management of systems, software, and hardware. The idea is that the worry of managing your own IT systems is taken off of your plate. Services generally centre around monitoring, maintenance and support.

A managed service provider like DSC-IT will discuss yourrequirements, consulting with you to come up with the best managed solution for your business.

While there always risks with any type of data storage, properly implemented Cloud based systems are considered extremely safe, especially when managed by your IT service provider and configured correctly. You provider will work with you to create an IT infrastructure that is secure and protects your data- Whether it’s setting up two factor authentication or other encryptions.

Every business can benefit from Cloud services but may have more complex requirements depending on what they are looking to achieve. Our recommendation is to schedule a no obligations chat with our team to discuss your requirements so that we can make a recommendation.

Again, costs vary depending on what type of solution you decide to proceed with. However, most businesses save anywhere from 20-80% on their annual IT costs by switching to the cloud

Have more questions? Feel free to give our team a call and we’ll be happy to chat with you about Cloud services and how our team can help today!

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