Microsoft SharePoint

Expert customisation maximises the return on your investment

SharePoint is Microsoft's flagship product for Web based collaboration and content management. Powered with extensive search capabilities, reporting, plus email and document management, SharePoint has tight integration with the suite of Microsoft Office products that can bring information quickly to where you want it to be.

DSC-IT has extensive experience in delivering SharePoint into many organisations, with installations ranging from quick win scenarios to complex high-quality implementations. We can deliver high quality SharePoint solutions in various shapes and sizes, and would work with you for what fits best.

The benefits of implementing a SharePoint solution from Microsoft and DSC-IT include:

  • Working Better Together - Connect with your colleagues in new and creative ways. Easily find and work with people who have the right skills, expertise, and shared interests.
  • Working Faster - Quickly become more productive. SharePoint 2013 works seamlessly with technologies you currently use, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft Unified Communications.
  • Working Smarter - Make better business decisions. Easily find the right business information - regardless of who created it, what format it’s in, or where it lives.
Having the right tools for meaningful collaboration is a critical element of success. Make sure your SharePoint investment lives up to its full potential of enhancing efficiency and productivity.

A custom SharePoint solution with DSC-IT's cloud services can take your productivity to the next level.