Call Centre Solutions

We’ll take care of your business communication needs

img_callcentresolutions Customer relations is vital to the success of any business. Contacting, cross-selling and checking up with customers are time-consuming tasks that need to be done properly in order to help you move closer to your business goals. That’s where DSC-IT comes in. DSC-IT has extensive experience tackling various customer touch points. We understand the importance of delivering the right message to your clients the first time and we believe in long-term relationships. We’re only happy when you’re happy. To that end, we offer Call Centre Solutions that will make sure all your clients’ needs are heard and taken care of without a hitch.

Call Centre Solutions from DSC-IT give you:

  • Comprehensive set of contact centre interaction management tools
  • Call routing, queuing, tracking and reporting among other advanced features
  • Communications portal platforms including video messaging, email and telephony with integrated application development
  • IP and computer call recording as well as workforce management software solutions
  • Call handling features to ensure every customer and supplier receives prompt and professional service
  • Knowledge base and forum software that gives your customers the immediate support they need
  • Quick and easy communications solutions via our Integrations and Optimization Solutions
  • Telemarketing services including promotion of new products and services, stock check and customer checkup
  • 1900 information line number that charges callers per minute through your phone bill


With our knowledge and expertise we strive to be your Contact Centre Solutions Specialist,
for all your business communication and telemarketing needs.

Call Centre Solutions from DSC-IT are easy and effective as they should be.

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