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Software Licensing and Certificate Management

When choosing and assessing an Information and Communications Technology provider (ICT), businesses need to ensure that their chosen provider has a range of offerings that cover all their everyday ICT needs. At DSC, we pride ourselves on having a wide range of ICT services that range from our managed IT services to associated support services, such as outsourced IT support, through to project and consulting services across a range of technologies and platforms. These services are essential to today’s information technology landscape and its support of businesses

Here at DSC, we offer local IT services that you can trust. Our services can essentially be split into three areas, in addition to IT support and managed IT services.

Consulting & Advisory IT Services

We offer consulting and advisory services that can assist with everything from requirements gathering, disaster recovery (DR) or business continuity planning (BCP), compiling tenders, and liaising and negotiating with third party vendors in areas such as telecommunications contracts. We also offer security consulting and assessments, design engagements, and audits or review services relating to areas where we have unmatched expertise.

IT Infrastructure & Cloud Services

Next are a range of IT infrastructure and cloud infrastructure services, typically delivered as part of a project or managed service. We cover the following areas in addition to bespoke work at the client’s request:

Infrastructure Projects

IT Infrastructure Projects are DSC’s most common project area, which often also incorporates some of the more specialist areas below. DSC has undertaken work ranging from the most-simple of office moves or implementation, through to major remediation or infrastructure refresh projects which run for a year or more depending on the size of the organisation. These can cover network implementation, server and storage implementation and remediation, implementation of communication systems, both small and larger scale desktop rollouts from a few workstations, as well as automated, imaged workstations using such technologies and products as Microsoft’s System Centre (SCCM) and their Azure cloud suite.

Cloud Services & Migration

As a Microsoft cloud partner, we have been implementing and migrating clients to various cloud services for many years now. We have expertise in Microsoft Office 365 and Azure platforms, as well as implementing private cloud solutions and the various “as a service” technologies like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Our infrastructure and application expertise allow us to complete migrations such as Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Sharepoint to Office 365 with minimum disruption. As Perth’s leading IT service provider, we have all the skills gained from many years of working with the underlying and previous technologies. Due to this, we can quickly identify and address issues which may arise, as well as warn clients of potential issues prior to starting.


Although fewer large-scale on-premise implementations are being asked for since the advent of reliable and affordable cloud services, DSC-IT still maintains its expertise in virtualisation services. This applies not only to the common hypervisors such as Microsoft’s Hyper-V and VMWare, but also to the deployment of virtualised systems in cloud offerings such as Microsoft’s Azure.  DSC has implemented many virtualised solutions over the years, including full scale migrations to virtualised infrastructure, and is now applying those same skillsets to cloud migrations. As such, whether you are looking for remediation of an existing infrastructure, or a new deployment of on-premise, cloud or hybrid virtualisation, DSC has the skills and knowledge to assist.

SharePoint, Mobile Forms and Dynamics 365

As Perth’s leading IT company, DSC has long specialised in the Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics 365 space. This includes both on-premise and Office 365, with a focus on electronic workflow and automation.


DSC has accredited security consultants who can advise and assist with any security concerns a client may have. Whether you need our consultancy and security assessment services, development of a security policy to meet compliance and other requirements, or implementation of the various components such as firewalls, intrusion detection (IDS) or prevention systems (IPS) recommended by an assessment already completed, DSC can assist.

Specialist IT Support Services

If a client is looking to buy a skillset or a resource, we have a network of IT support specialists that we use to deliver the above services who are also available for hire under our services. Under this model, we can hire out a resource with a known skillset for a project managed entirely by the customer. This allows our customers to access to the same skills that we at DSC use, but with no project overhead from DSC. The resource can be hired on a full time or part time basis as part of a larger project or to work on a single deliverable.

Perth’s Leading IT Service Provider

If you’re looking for a local IT service provider in Perth that you can trust, look no further than DSC-IT. To find out more about our IT services, get in touch with our friendly team today.