Annuity Management

Software Licensing and Certificate Management

Manage your licenses and certificates the right way.

DSC-IT’s experts in local licensing remove the painstaking part of picking and putting together a license program and offers your business a cost-effective approach, enhanced software capabilities, and improved license fulfilment. We will also help manage your licenses, domain and certificates to ensure that your company wont be caught without the tools needed for efficient operation.

Why pick DSC-IT?

The hardworking team of licensing experts from DSC-IT aids customers via their software purchasing process, ranging from seller comparison, selection of items and clear decoding of contract agreements, to tedious examination of agreement preferences. We provide customers the following benefits:

  • Less costly license agreements
  • Simple and direct management via the company’s own customer service portal
  • Thorough selection of favourable license agreements for on-site premise, hosted environment or within the cloud
  • Proper management and renewal of software licenses and contracts
DSC-IT's volume certificate management and licensing of software allows your business to make the most of lower rates available and enables the management of licenses through volume purchases as opposed to per-product acquisitions.

Software licensing and certificate management from DSC-IT offers you reliable services at a lower cost. Contact us today to see how we can help.