Product Supply

Bring or Choose Your Own Device

At DSC-IT we know that behind every great company is a great IT support team - and that’s exactly what we do. However to really get the most from your IT investment, not only do you need a network that transmits your data quickly and systems that enhance productivity, you need high quality hardware and software too.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your workplace equipment we’re the people to talk to. We partner with the best brands in the industry and only provide hardware that we would use in our own offices. And that’s a promise!

It doesn't matter whether you need new laptops, desktops, smartphones, web servers, or tablets and other handheld devices - we have you covered. After all, when you have the right IT hardware that enables your staff to work efficiently and without interruption, you have a greater chance of success.

We understand that when you decide to purchase new hardware, whether it’s a couple of laptops or a new server, it’s a major expenditure. That’s why at DSC-IT you can be assured that we’ll be with you every step of the way when it comes to deciding your product supply IT solutions. We’ll make unbiased recommendations and thanks to our deep understanding of our products we’ll help you make the right decision that meets your needs - and your budget.

Why choose DSC-IT to be your product supply partner?

  • We work with a variety of suppliers, including industry leading brands. This means if you have a preference for one manufacturer over another we should be able to accommodate you.
  • Thanks to our established relationships with suppliers we are able to source equipment at great prices. You’ll benefit financially from our partnerships to ensure that you don’t blow your budget.
  • What do you need? We can supply it. From desktop computers and laptops to printers, faxes and photocopiers and from smartphones and tablets to servers, we’ll work with you to equip your office and employees.
  • Help and support is second nature to us at DSC-IT and so the minute you have any questions, queries or issues with your hardware (or with anything else IT related) you know who to call!
  • Thinking of offering your staff the option of CYOD (Choose Your Own Device)? We’re the natural choice to supply your new equipment.

At DSC-IT we’ll take care of all your needs. From IT services and support to software and hardware supply, if you want to know how we can help your business succeed get in touch with us today.

At DSC we’re the people to talk to if you’re thinking about offering CYOD in your workplace. We’ll help you plan your strategy, discuss what works for your company’s unique needs, and help you select the right hardware.

But what exactly is CYOD?

Despite the unwieldy acronym, CYOD is a simple concept. You are literally letting your employees choose their own device – their own laptop or smartphone – for work. However, that device has been pre-approved by you. You’re bridging the gap between giving your employees the freedom to choose yet you’re still maintaining control over your IT environment.

The difference with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is that instead of staff using their own laptops or handheld devices for work, you get to approve the equipment first.

The benefits of CYOD

  • Create employee satisfaction by letting your staff choose how they want to work and selecting the device which best meets the challenges of their role.
  • Retain control over your IT and your network by only offering company-approved devices that have appropriate security levels and are workplace-configured
  • Save money and increase revenue by enabling helpdesks and customer service departments to work smarter
  • Establish a balance between workplace needs, costs, control and employee productivity and satisfaction

It’s time to find out how your business can make the switch to CYOD. Talk to us!

BYOD offers your employees total freedom as it allows them to use their own laptop, smartphone or handheld device for work. However it does mean that you relinquish control over your IT environment. These days many people prefer to use just one device for both work and personal purposes and so your staff may be pushing for a BYOD scheme – or you may already allow them to use their own laptops or smartphones for work. But how secure are these devices?

If you’re allowing BYOD you still need to ensure that you’re setting boundaries – both for the company and your employees’ sake. For example what will and won’t you monitor if an employee is using his or her laptop for both business and personal use?

BYOD can leave employers worrying about data security but if you opt for CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) instead and you offer the ‘right devices’ under this program you may well find that employees are just as happy to use a company laptop during work hours.

What it comes down to is what type of company you are and how you run your organization, although it is interesting to note that CYOD programmes are twice as popular with companies than BYOD.

If you’re thinking about offering CYOD or BYOD to your employees and you’re not sure which route to take, at DSC we can help you make the right decision for your business.

Whether you’re thinking about offering Choose Your Own Device, Bring Your Own Device, you’re upgrading equipment or you’re adding new staff, get in touch with us today.