BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

BYOD offers your employees total freedom as it allows them to use their own laptop, smartphone or handheld device for work. However it does mean that you relinquish control over your IT environment. These days many people prefer to use just one device for both work and personal purposes and so your staff may be pushing for a BYOD scheme - or you may already allow them to use their own laptops or smartphones for work. But how secure are these devices?

If you’re allowing BYOD you still need to ensure that you’re setting boundaries - both for the company and your employees’ sake. For example what will and won’t you monitor if an employee is using his or her laptop for both business and personal use?

BYOD can leave employers worrying about data security but if you opt for CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) instead and you offer the ‘right devices’ under this program you may well find that employees are just as happy to use a company laptop during work hours.

What it comes down to is what type of company you are and how you run your organization, although it is interesting to note that CYOD programmes are twice as popular with companies than BYOD.

If you’re thinking about offering CYOD or BYOD to your employees and you’re not sure which route to take, at DSC-IT we can help you make the right decision for your business.