IT Support Services

Traditionally, information technology or IT computer support has been a reactive service based around what is known as “break/fix”, whereby a user calls only once they have a problem and an engineer then attempts to fix the issue. This gives the false impression of being good value as businesses are under the assumption that support is only paid for when needed. More often than not, this type of reactive onsite IT support will end up costing the business more as a result of unnecessary downtime in addition to the (chargeable) time taken by the engineer to fix the issue.

Affordable IT Support Services

At DSC-IT, we often hear from new or prospective clients about how expensive these computer support services end up being. When compared to our fixed cost managed IT services, they are rarely more cost effective, even before lost productivity costs are included in the calculation.

As Perth’s leading IT support company, the team at DSC-IT has worked to address the above issues whilst still fulfilling the requirement of some clients to obtain support only on an “as needed” basis. DSC-IT has developed the Bronze tier of its IT support services to offer a “pay per call” approach. This service also has the added benefit of including an element of pro-active monitoring, but without the all-inclusive helpdesk and management components found in the higher-level tiers. For minimal additional costs, this approach allows DSC to not only have advanced warning of some issues which would only be known about after outright failure under break/fix, but also ensures DSC’s support software already exists on machines, expediting support when a call is received.

Under this model, DSC can provide not only the traditional helpdesk for desktop support, but also support for all network and back-office infrastructure, as well as IT cloud services from Microsoft and similar. We can also provide computer support for such applications as Microsoft Sharepoint and Dynamics CRM. Our monitoring software alerts us (and the client, who can opt to receive alerts) of any problems, allowing for an earlier and often less expensive fix. This solution can be cheaper than onsite IT support and is often the more affordable option. For IT support and services in Perth that you can trust, choose DSC-IT.

Flexible IT Services and Support

Should the client require a more encompassing IT support and services agreement, or a fixed cost support option, they can at any time move into a higher tier service. This would include not only the proactive monitoring and IT support helpdesk available under the Bronze tier, but also pro-active management and other included services, as well as access to preferential purchasing options for both hardware and services. If you’re looking for flexible computer support services in Perth, we can help.

Perth’s Leading IT Support Company

For reliable computer and IT support services in Perth, look no further than DSC-IT. As Perth’s leading IT support company, you can rest assured that the services we deliver will bring value to your business. To find out more, contact our friendly team today.